Our private tailoring division provides a level of service which prides itself on discretion, exclusivity and craftsmanship. Creating uniquely tailored garments, engineered to suit the requirements of each individual wearer.

Hosting a wide selection of designs and a library of fabrics our Bespoke & Made to Measure practices represent the best of the best, in terms of craft, fit and freedom of expression. Once an appointment is set up one of our highly skilled curators and tailors will carefully walk you through each stage of the process to help you create a wardrobe that is crafted in the Private Stash heritage, and is a true reflection of your style and voice.


The Made-to-Measure & Bespoke Tailoring Processes

The first consultation is straightforward and can be split into 3 parts - selecting the cloth, choosing details and taking measurements. It is a simple process but does involve many key decisions. During this process the client's tastes, interests and lifestyle are discussed so that a profile can be created with all their requirements and the cut and fit of the garment built around his or her needs.  



This choice is a matter of weight, occasion and pattern as well as color and weave.

Hosting an ever growing library of fabrics your options range from super fine wools, soft flannels and linens all the way to tweeds, heavier weight flannels and velvets.


Choose the details that make the suit truly personal to you. Options include - lapel style, lining color, under collar felt color and embroidery, type of pockets, button style and many more.


Your tailor will take upwards of 20+ measurements and asses your posture and any physical restrictions you may have so that they can craft a proper fitting piece. Our made to measure clients will be fit in blocks that have been completely re-developed in a contemporary fashion to offer wearers an enhanced fit regardless their style or figure.  


4 - 7 weeks later your suit will be ready and you will be contacted to come in for the final fitting. Your tailor will ask you to try on the suit or garment and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the piece fits perfectly. They will make the alterations needed and a week later the piece will be ready to pick up. In the case of a bespoke suit or custom garment being created the process can take between 6 - 12 weeks as a specific pattern needs cut and multiple fittings are needed. Once a piece is finished you’ll be given advice on how best to clean, press and care for the suit or garment to maintain its shape. Each suit and garment is numbered and logged so we are easily able to source any necessary materials to repair even minor damage that might occur. This logging and numbering process also means that subsequent orders will require fewer fittings and the Made-to-Measure & Bespoke process for your second suit or garment will be much quicker.

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