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Made to Measure

Our Made To Measure service gives you a unique opportunity to create your own personal wardrobe. Hosting a wide selection of designs  and a library of fabrics our highly skilled curators and tailors will carefully walk you through each stage of the process to help you create a wardrobe that is crafted in the Private Stash heritage, and is a true reflection of your style and voice.

Steps to a Game changing wardrobe.

First, make an appointment with one of our skilled tailors. The benefit of working with a private stash tailor is are availability. Servicing clients around the world we understand that time is the most valuable asset which is why we’ll come to you, at the comfort of your home, office or other place of convenience at your convenience. Once an appointment is set up your tailor will reach out to discuss some of the ideas you have along with gathering some personal style information to set up your client portfolio before your fitting.    

Second, in less than 15 minutes your clothier will take around 30+ measurements and then fit you in one of our custom fitter samples, compartmentalizing every aspect of your piece for an impeccable fit and look. Once your fitting is finished you will then begin your design process, choosing fabrics and detail options. 

Third, in around 5-7 weeks your piece will be completed, we want to see you in it the first time you try it on so we can look for any imperfections or minor adjustments that mite be needed. If any adjustments are needed we will let you know, make the changes and bring them back to check our work. Once the piece is perfected we will make the necessary adjustments to your portfolio for future orders.